CNN Stormy Daniels Debate Goes Off The Rails

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A Friday debate on CNN about President Trump’s alleged settlement with porn star Stormy Daniels devolved into personal insults.

Host Brooke Baldwin struggled to have maintain control over the conversation between Never Trumper Rick Wilson and pro-Trump CNN commentator Paris Dennard.


Dennard argued that the Stormy Daniels story is not relevant to the Trump presidency because the alleged affair occurred while Trump was a private citizen, and Wilson accused Dennard of “struggling” to defend the president.

“I’m sorry, I feel you struggling here, let me help you out here,” Wilson snarkily offered.

“I’m not struggling,” Dennard countered.

Wilson argued that Trump’s “pattern” of having affairs with women is problematic and should be condemned, just as Republicans condemned former president Bill Clinton. Dennard shot back that the allegations of affairs and sexual assault against Clinton came when he served as Arkansas attorney general and governor.

“If your standard is that low that you’re okay with [Trump] screwing porn stars — if you’re okay with him screwing porn stars just say the words: ‘I am okay with Trump screwing porn stars,'” Wilson retorted.

“You know, what I will say is that you have no respect for for Mrs. Trump, you have no respect for his children, you have no respect for his family, because this has nothing to do with him as a candidate, it has nothing to do with him as a sitting president,” Dennard asserted. “You can dig up dirty laundry and I pray to God no one goes back into your past.”

The pair continued to talk over each other until Baldwin finally burst trying to regain control, but the panel again devolved into Wilson questioning Dennard’s character. (RELATED: Rick Wilson Melts Down, Threatens To ‘Gut’ Panelist ‘Like A Fish’ On CNN)

“Rick, I don’t know you, but I would advise you not to question my character because you don’t know me,” Dennard said.

“What are you going to do?” Wilson asked. “Step up.”

The two continued to squabble for the rest of the panel, as Baldwin requested, “no personal insults, please.”

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