Jeff Flake Talks 2020 — ‘It’s Long Odds For Me’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Lame duck Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said that it was “long odds for me” in reference to running for President in a Fox News interview Friday.


“Wining a primary in one state doesn’t determine what you can do nationwide,” Flake said. “President Trump obviously would never win the election, general election in New York, but he’s our president. So, you know, there are regional things that take place. But I, like I said, it’s long odds for me.”

Flake also went after President Trump in a Thursday speech, saying, “We will once again make clear to our allies that we are allies.”

“And we will never again be afraid to remind friend and foe alike that it is our values that make America, America,” he stated. “We will not wink and nod at dictators, nor will we congratulate them for the good job they are doing in their programs of extrajudicial killings. Nor will we host them in the Oval Office.” (RELATED: ‘We Will Not Wink And Nod At Dictators’ — Jeff Flake Goes After Trump Again)

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