TheDC Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With The Irish

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The Daily Caller caught up with some prominent Irishmen on St. Patrick’s Day to discuss how they celebrate the famous holiday.


The first stop was the Irish embassy, where The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Chris Bedford talked to Irish Ambassador to the U.S. Danny Mulhall.

Bedford asked Ambassador Mulhall if everyone gets to be an honorary Irishman on Saturday.

“We’re very liberal when it comes to our definition of Irish,” Mulhall said. “There are 33 million Americans who actually tick the box to claim an Irish heritage.”

The second stop on TheDC’s tour was The Dubliner pub in Washington, DC, where Bedford caught up with the pub’s owner, Danny Coleman.

Coleman said that he once hosted President Barack Obama at his bar on St. Paddy’s Day and said Obama invited him to come visit the White House.

“While we were at the White House, the prime minister of Ireland presented Obama with a certificate of Irish heritage,” Coleman recalled.

Finally, TheDC spoke with Republican Rep. Sean Duffy from Wisconsin, who said Irish people in America “see the sunny side of every day.”

“We see opportunity around every corner, when life takes us down we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and make the best of any situation we are dealt, and with that we make America great,” Duffy asserted.

Bedford asked an important question of Ambassador Mulhall and Rep. Duffy: Is your favorite Irish president Barack Obama or John F. Kennedy?

Ambassador Mulhall said he preferred JFK because he meant a “hell of a lot” to the Irish people by becoming the first Irish American president, while Rep. Duffy chose Ronald Reagan, who “thought he was Irish.”

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