WATCH: College Students Fret About ‘Cultural Appropriation’ On St. Patrick’s Day

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A new video shows just how deep many college students are in social justice ideology.

Not even St. Patrick’s Day is safe from worries over “cultural appropriation.”


Some students seemed to agree that celebrating St. Patrick’s Day could be a form of “cultural appropriation.”

Cultural appropriation is the idea that taking part in traditions that are not part of your heritage means you are “appropriating” them. In the social justice world, it’s generally considered a negative and offensive thing to appropriate someone else’s culture. (RELATED: WATCH: College Students Love Open Borders, Hate Trump’s Wall)

“If you’re just using it as an excuse to drink, then, I definitely see that as cultural appropriation,” one student said. (RELATED: WATCH: Antifa Protestors Can’t Even Say What ‘Fascism’ Is [VIDEO])

“I don’t like when people do it to my culture, so it’s just kind of like, how can I say I don’t like for people to do it to my culture, and then, do it to someone else’s?”

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