45-Year-Old Steve Jobs Application Sells For 3 Times More Than Expected Amount

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A 1973 Steve Jobs application sold for $174,000 Friday at an auction in Boston.

The application is 45 years old, pre-Apple, and full of spelling and grammar errors (even geniuses can’t be good at everything). He was 18 when he submitted it.

The application was expected to sell for around $50,000, but one anonymous spender — an English internet entrepreneur — won the application for more than three times that much.

“The form lists his name as ‘Steven jobs’ and address as ‘reed college,’ the Portland, Oregon, college he attended briefly,” CNBC reports. “Next to ‘Phone:’ he wrote ‘none.’” His major was listed as “english/lit.”

The auction also sold an Apple Mac OS X technical manual signed by Jobs for $41,806 and a signed 2008 newspaper clipping that features a picture of Jobs at the Apple Developers Conference for $26,950.