Democratic Challenger Laughs And Agrees When Bill Maher Calls Ted Cruz An ‘A**hole’

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Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who’s challenging Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018’s midterm elections, laughed and agreed when liberal late night host Bill Maher labelled Cruz an “asshole” on Friday night.

On “Real Time with Bill Maher,” O’Rourke made the point that his campaign had so far “out-raised Ted Cruz by more than a million dollars” without taking PAC money when Maher made the remark.

“Well, don’t forget he’s a giant asshole,” said Maher.

To which O’Rourke responded, “That’s true.”

WATCH (around 6 min. mark):

“Folks, though, will never have to wonder who it is I represent or who I’m voting for. It’s going to be the people of Texas, every single time,” O’Rourke said after laughing and agreeing with Maher’s comment.

During the interview, the Democrat challenger tried to make the case for why he can win over Cruz in a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic senator in decades.

According to The Hill, O’Rourke raised $2.3 million compared to Cruz’s $800,000 in the first six weeks of 2018, although Cruz still has a cash advantage.

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