Boost Your Career Opportunities By Learning How To Leverage LinkedIn

Normally $20, this LinkedIn course is 15 percent off

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Whether you’re a recent college graduate or 20 years deep in the workforce, using the world’s most popular professional social networking site has incredible career benefits — that is, if you know how to leverage its power in the right ways. With LinkedIn Bootcamp, increase your career opportunities by understanding how to optimize the site for your very own professional transformation.

Normally $20, this LinkedIn course is 15 percent off

Normally $20, this LinkedIn course is 15 percent off

LinkedIn Bootcamp on sale for $17

This course gives you a full view of LinkedIn. Meaning, it teaches you how to increase your career prospects, showcase professional accomplishments, and create greater business opportunities by getting your products, services, and yourself in front of relevant demographics. It also imparts tips on how to raise your profile views and reach more connections to generate additional opportunities. With these secrets in your professional repertoire, you’ll notice immediate benefits to your LinkedIn experience and gain a new appreciation for the site’s connective power.

Besides, this Bootcamp — featuring 3 hours of instructional content across 72 focused lectures — teaches you how to build a resourceful contact network, so the connections you make are more than just a number. Plus, you’ll come to enjoy producing useful content on LinkedIn’s publishing platform to highlight your expertise and create immediate value to those in your network.

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