Add Rep. Luis Gutierrez To List Of Dems Offering McCabe A Job

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Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez added his name to the list of Democratic politicians seeking to ensure recently-fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe completes the service time he needs to draw his government pension.

On Saturday afternoon, Gutierrez tweeted, “To Andrew McCabe: If you need a federal job, call me on Monday. I am serious. We have to stand up to bullies like @realDonaldTrump & @jeffsessions.”

Gutierrez will have to compete with several other fellow politicians in the McCabe sweepstakes, including Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, Minnesota Rep. Tim Walz and Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan.

McCabe was reportedly fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday, just 26 hours before he was set to receive his government pension. The for-cause firing was related to his sensitive disclosures to a reporter as well as an OIG report accusing McCabe of a lack of candor relating to disclosures regarding the Hillary Clinton investigation.

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