James Comey’s Book Rockets To Number One Spot, But Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett Just Took The Wind Out Of His Sails

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Just one day after former FBI Director James Comey used Twitter to tell President Trump “the American people will hear my story very soon,” his upcoming book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” has shot to the top of Amazon’s best-sellers list.

Comey’s upcoming book tour and his book, scheduled for release April 17, are expected to try to counter the various allegations put forth by President Trump and Republicans against him.

The former FBI director’s Saturday tweet responding to President Trump’s characterization of recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a “choirboy” compared to “sanctimonious James Comey” was seen by many as an appeal to book sales.

The number one spot is a strong start, to be sure, but Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett took all the wind out of Comey’s sails with one tweet:

“If Comey cleared Clinton for political reasons (as evidence suggests) that’s obstruction of justice,” tweeted Jarrett. “If he gave false testimony to Congress, well…you know. I could go all day long on Comey. Looking forward to his work of fiction with the pretentious, self-righteous title.”

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