Bill Kristol: Trump Is ‘Scared’ Of The Mueller Investigation

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Bill Kristol appeared on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” Monday and said that Trump is “scared” of the Mueller investigation.


“I think beneath all the zigs and zags of Trump’s mood… he’s been extremely consistent — he hates this investigation. He hated it when he was sworn in. He had Jim Comey over, the FBI director for a one-on-one dinner the first Friday night, one week after having been inaugurated. He was obsessed on Air Force One with the statement about the Trump Tower meeting.” (RELATED: Bill Kristol Thinks That President Trump Is ‘Very Rattled’ By Mueller)

“He fired Comey ,and he would either like the fire Mueller or discredit the investigation enough that he has support when the report comes out, so I think he’s very consistent,” Kristol explained. “He is scared of this investigation. He hates it. He’ll do everything he can to discredit it, limit it, and ultimately maybe end it.” (RELATED: Bill Kristol Unleashes Tweet Storm Apparently Endorsing Oprah For President)

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