Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach Tyronn Lue Is Taking A Leave Of Absence

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Cleveland Cavs coach Tyronn Lue will be temporarily stepping aside from his position as head coach, effective immediately.

Lue’s departure was announced this morning by several reports.

“The Cavs announce that Tyronn Lue is stepping away from coaching the team for the time being,” he posted on Twitter Monday morning. “Associate head coach Larry Drew will take over. More to come.”

While the Cavs are trying hard for another successful season, Lue’s interpersonal relationship with one of his high profile players has been anything but.

Just last week, Lue was spotted arguing with LeBron James on the sidelines in the middle of a game. And while there’s been plenty of speculation that the two have a strained relationship, this is pretty solid confirmation that there’s at least a little trouble in paradise.

Lue followed up the news of his departure with an official statement, released by the NBA. It reads:

After many conversations with our doctors and Koby and much thought given to what is best for the team and my health, I need to step back from coaching for the time being and focus on trying to establish a stronger and healthier foundation from which to coach for the rest of the season.

I have had chest pains and other troubling symptoms, compounded by a loss of sleep, throughout the year. Despite a battery of tests, there have been no conclusions as to what the exact issue is.

While I have tried to work through it, the last thing I want is for it to affect the team. I am going to use this time to focus on a prescribed routine and medication, which has previously been difficult to start in the midst of a season. My goal is to come out of it a stronger and healthier version of myself so I can continue to lead this team to the Championship we are all working towards.

I greatly appreciate Dan Gilbert, Koby Altman, our medical team and the organization’s support throughout.

I’m not one to speculate and I don’t want to put words in either LeBron or Lue’s mouth but it sounds like those chest pains and sleep loss may be caused by one player and one player only. All you have to do is replace the words “symptoms” with LeBron and it pretty much reads the same way. Here’s to hoping Lue gets himself a one way ticket to a remote island somewhere and starts feeling better soon.

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