Press Secretary During Monica Lewinsky Scandal Doesn’t Believe Bill Clinton Would Have Taken To Twitter In His Own Defense

Chris White | Energy Reporter

Former President Bill Clinton would have resisted the urge to use Twitter to defend his administration had the platform existed in the 1990s, according to Democratic analyst Joe Lockhart.

“I don’t think so,” Lockhart said Sunday night on CNN when asked if he believes Clinton would have used Twitter to advocate his positions if it had existed at the time. Lockhart was the press secretary for Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which plagued the former Democratic president’s final term in office.

Lockhart also said Clinton was more interested in fulfilling aspects of his campaign promises than beating back against his critics. He did note things have changed dramatically since 1998.

“There’s some critical differences, one is the technology. We didn’t have Twitter, thank God,” he said. “And we had a president, I think, who understood from a political strategy point of view, engaging in the back and forth on an investigation wasn’t in his interest. So very, very different.”

President Donald Trump routinely comes under fire for using Twitter as a batting ram against his foes, not to mention using the social media platform to smack down the litany of probes and investigations that have plagued his administration.

Trump used Twitter several times in 2017 to express his frustration with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential election. He recently criticized outgoing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s wife in a March 17 tweet after she accepted money from allies of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her failed 2015 Senate run.

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