‘It’s Divisive And It’s Stupid’ — CNN’s Van Jones Goes After Trump Over What He Said About Drug Dealers

Justin Caruso Senior Media Reporter

CNN’s Van Jones slammed President Trump’s proposed idea to give some drug dealers the death penalty on Monday.


“I’m gonna tell you one thing,” Jones said. “I met with sheriffs, I met with pastors, nobody on the ground is saying what we really need is the death penalty for drug dealers, what we really need is tougher, harsher sentences, what we really need is more management.”

“I don’t know where he’s getting that stuff. That is–that is 180 degrees from what the people on the ground are saying. They’re saying people need more help, more compassion, more education. Sometimes they say they need more–better Bible studies. That would be higher on the list than death penalty for drug dealers.” (RELATED: CNN’s Van Jones GUSHES Over Obama: ‘I Love That Guy. I Love Him! I Love Him!’)

“And that’s the kind of stuff that becomes a poison pill for people who are on the ground and know what’s going on and people who understand the drug war is a failure and it’s going to stop us from working together. If he would take that crap out and focus on what the people on the front lines, they need more beds, they need more help, they need more hope, they need more jobs.”

“Like I said, they need more Bible study. All that’s on the list. This death penalty thing is a complete nonstarter and it’s divisive and it’s stupid. I think it’s an offense to the people who are really trying to solve this problem.” (RELATED: Van Jones: It Would Be ‘Global Emergency’ If 50% Of People Around Any Other President Thought He Was Unstable [VIDEO])

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