Get Your Daily Target Practice In With This Batman Shaped Mini Crossbow

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Everyone loves archery. But most of us don’t have the time or money to set aside a few hours every week to get to the archery range, rent a bow and arrow set, and get in our target practice. Well, now you can get in a few daily rounds of hitting that bullseye with the Dark Knight Bow mini crossbow.

Normally $40, this crossbow is 35 percent off

Normally $40, this crossbow is 35 percent off

Dark Knight Bow on sale for $25.99

This amazingly portable mini crossbow brings the target range right to your home. Measuring just under five inches long, the Dark Knight is the perfect pocket-sized bow for shooting toothpicks, Q-tips, matches, and other small projectiles. The bow is designed to store multiple toothpicks in the chamber, so you can have a whole firing session without having to reload. Made of handmade stainless steel, the Dark Knight Bow will last for a lifetime of target practice.

When you can’t get to the archery range and just need to practice your precision firing, look no further than the Dark Knight Bow. Just a few minutes of practice every day, and you’ll be hitting bullseye after bullseye in no time.

For a further tutorial of the Dark Knight, check out this video:

Get the Dark Knight Bow carry mini crossbow for $25.99, a savings of 35%. Save an additional 10% with code MADMARCH10.

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