You Won’t Believe What Iggy Azalea Did After She Found Her NBA Fiance Cheating

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Female rapper Iggy Azalea and her NBA fiance may have broken up, but that’s not stopping the couple from still making headlines.

Azalea revealed on “Watch What Happens Live” that she burned his designer clothes after finding out he cheated on her during their engagement.

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“I burned a lot,” she told host Andy Cohen. “And I threw stuff in the pool, too. I started off with water and it just seemed like that didn’t work.”

She says she was fair about the whole process, though. She sent Young a video of herself burning his cheap stuff and warned him that he better get home soon because she was working her way up to burning the expensive clothes. It sounds like she spared his car though – she only called to have it towed away from her house.

Which probably prompted this tweet shortly thereafter.

I’ve gotta hand it to Iggy. I’ve always kind of thought she was a fraud. It’s pretty hard to buy someone from Australia who looks like she belongs on a surfboard more than at a rap concert. But this is pretty hard core. Too many high profile couples stay together through infidelity (Beyonce and Jay-Z) and lose all my respect. But this sends Iggy up at least 10 points. Cheating is never a good thing but anybody who handles it like a scorned lover in an old country song is good in my book.

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