Take 90 Seconds Out Of Your Day To Watch This Electric Brawl At An IHOP

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Top of the morning to everyone. I hope your St. Patrick’s Day weekend was a rousing success and your NCAA basketball brackets are still intact. If not, I have the perfect pick-me-up. Take heart in knowing that one IHOP manager’s weekend was definitely worse than yours.

It all started around midnight in Memphis, Tennessee, on early Friday morning. Police responded to a cry for help around 12:40 a.m., where they say a manager asked a “rowdy party of five” to leave the premises before a fight broke out.

But as you can see from the video below, the phone call didn’t do too much to help de-escalate the situation. Right after the police were called, a massive beatdown ensued. It seems the brawl involved more than the original party of five, which is to be expected. Who among us doesn’t feel a little testy while dining on some late night pancakes? Who among us hasn’t felt compelled to hurl a few chairs after midnight?

By the looks of it, this manager can hold his own. The video’s publisher was decent enough to bleep out every profanity, making it difficult to decipher exactly what’s being said, but it looks like this manager took on about a dozen patrons. And he absolutely wrecked every single one. He even sends them off with a friendly double middle finger before the police even arrived. A true hero of our time.

I’ve long been a fan of IHOP for their reasonably priced breakfast options and extensive arrangement of syrups. But if there was any question about who reigns supreme in the breakfast game, there should be no more ambiguity. The king has been crowned. IHOP is the international house of dominance. Someone get this franchise a WWE sponsorship.

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