Leopard Gets Loose, Terrorizes Indian Villagers

Leopard (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A video is circulating the web Monday of a leopard in India terrorizing the locals.

The caption of the YouTube video is, “A leopard strayed into a house in Indore, India, injuring several people before it was successfully captured.”

This video right here is why we have guns in America. Somebody needs to shoot that damn thing immediately. Open up the back of your car, grab an AR-15, throw on a grenade launcher and let the bullets and ordinances start flying.

I don’t care how many innocent people might be in the way. You have to take that beast out any way that you possibly can. There would literally be zero hesitation on my part. I would start clacking off rounds so fast that your head would be spinning.

How does a leopard just get loose like this? How is that possible? You should either be running for the hills in this situation or you have to start slinging rounds like tomorrow isn’t coming. There are no other options.

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