Stephanie Ruhle Accuses Sean Hannity Of Dark Agenda After Mocking His Appearance On ‘Fox & Friends’

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

“MSNBC Live” host Stephanie Ruhle claimed Sean Hannity had devious motives for appearing on “Fox & Friends” Monday, to talk about special counsel Robert Mueller.

“This is going to be a character assassination of Robert Mueller and everyone working on the investigation. Calling them Democrats. Saying they’re tied to Hillary Clinton. Will the president be successful in doing this,” Ruhle asked. “Robert Mueller himself, as I mentioned earlier, is a Republican. If we’re talking about who’s giving money to Democrats, President Trump, I think back to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the photo they took while they were at President Trump’s wedding.”


“I know Sean Hannity is already hitting the wires,” she continued. “That guy doesn’t get out of bed early. He’s on ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning. Why? Because there’s an agenda here, discredit Robert Mueller.”

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