Trump Stopped His Opioid Speech To Allow This Mother To Speak — Her Message Is Powerful

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics

President Trump was in New Hampshire Monday to discuss his administration’s war against the opioid epidemic.

In a powerful moment during the speech, Trump called up a mother and father who lost their son to an overdose. The president introduced Jim and Jean Moser, who lost their son two years ago when he became addicted to Fentanyl. Trump welcomed the couple onstage, saying, “Jim and Jean, we’re sorry for your loss. A great boy. He’s a great boy. And we applaud your strength and your leadership.”

The couple was clearly moved. Jean Moser held a framed photo of her son and was misty eyed when Trump asked her to “tell us about your boy.”


Mrs.Moser began her emotional comments, saying her son “made a bad choice:”

He was the kind of kid that made you feel really good about yourself. You would give him five minutes, you really liked him. And, you know, he just made a bad choice one night, as smart as he was, he found his way into our kitchen cabinet, and sadly the rest is history. He got hooked on it. And had to go to the street eventually, and he found Fentanyl. And he’s been gone for two and a half years. And we miss him every day. Thank you.

Trump continued, “Beautiful boy. So many cases like that.”

Watch the powerful moment below: