Gingrich Thinks Trump’s Tweets Only Make Mueller Bigger And Stronger

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Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told President Donald Trump to stop obsessing over special counsel Robert Mueller and tone down his tweets, Tuesday on “American’s Newsroom.”

“What the president ought to do is quit tweeting about Mueller. Every time he tweets about Mueller he makes him bigger and more important,” Gingrich said on Fox News. “He’s the President of the United States. Mueller’s a lawyer. The gap in their stature is enormous.”

“The president has lots of positive things to tweet about,” Gingrich continued. “We just saw two million people leave food stamps and go to work. We have the second lowest black unemployment in American history. There are a lot of good things happening out there and he drowns all of those with these king of tweets that actually do him harm, weaken the Republicans for 2018 in the election and make Mueller more important. I think it’s a really, really bad strategy by President Trump.”


Gingrich also advised Trump to take written questions from Mueller and provide him with written responses to avoid the risk of being tripped up and prosecuted for perjury.

“My advice to the president’s attorneys would be to accept written questions and provide written responses,” Gingrich said. “The greatest danger in these kind of cases is not that you did something wrong. It’s that you say something wrong in the interview. They then decide that that’s perjury and they go after you for something that was purely an innocent mistake.”

“It’s very dangerous for somebody who has the enjoyment of talking that President Trump has, to get that in kind of a conversation,” Gingrich concluded. “The second he’s undisciplined he sets himself up for a perjury or an obstruction of justice charge. So if I were his lawyers I’d say, we’ll be glad to answer your questions. You submit them in writing but by the way, tell us what crime you’re investigating … what’s the crime? What’s he investigation. You’re not allowed to just run a dragnet.”

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