Joy Behar Compares Trump To Duterte [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar compared President Donald Trump Tuesday to Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte after the commander in chief said he would seek the death penalty for drug traffickers.

“We all know that he [Trump] loves a dictator,” Behar explained during a panel discussion on “The View.”

“How is that going to work with all the legal drugs that the opioid thing is about,” Whoopi Goldberg asked. “Since I guess they just figured it out that there was an opioid problem.”

“He’s such a simple thinker. It’s like his solution is build a wall, lock ’em up, kill them,” Behar responded. “He never understands what causes an opioid addiction. What makes people commit any kind of crime. He never goes beyond the superficial.”

“He’s incapable of understanding anything that’s not right in front of him. And he loves -we all know that he loves a dictator,” she added. “So, it’s like maybe they do this in the Philippines, I don’t know. I think possibly.”

“They do,” Sarah Haines shared.

“So, Duerte [Duterte] is his idol,” Behar explained. “So, they do it there so we should do it here.”

Sarah Haines agreed that people who traffic the drug are “awful,” but argued that the current epidemic is a layered issue.

“What is he saying? Should doctors now get the death penalty? If you look at the stats, there are doctors increasingly facing charges for patient overdoses. The number of doctors penalized by the DEA is grown five fold,” Hostin interjected. “So the suggestion you attack the opioid crisis, which by the way has been going on in the African-American community for 30 years. I don’t know why now it’s a crisis, it wasn’t a crisis then.”

“The one thing I will say is if the we’re talking about kingpins like El Chapo or Pablo Escobar. Like yeah, lock ’em up,” Meghan McCain shared.

“I don’t think that’s who he means,” Goldberg responded.