Woman Loses It After McDonald’s Messes Up Her Order, Pushes Teen Into Fryer

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An angry customer shoved a McDonald’s worker in Wisconsin into a fryer this weekend after the restaurant messed up her order.

WISN reports,

“Video shows the customer corner the manager in the kitchen. When the teen worker tried to step in to help, the customer appears to shove the employee into a fryer. The teen employee is seen hitting her head before falling to the floor.”

A video embedded on the WISN page shows the attack, and it’s totally ridiculous. The only silver lining is that the teen who was attacked is apparently okay.

She brutally attacks this poor kid just trying to make some cash, because of an honest mistake. She even flipped out after she was offered a refund.

One of my friends in high school used to work at McDonald’s. He said it was pretty boring, but not a bad place to work. I think he might change his opinion about working at the Golden Arches if a customer tried to push him in a fryer though.

McDonald’s workers deserve our respect too.

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