Rangers Pitcher Killed And Ate The Bull That Injured Him

(Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Texas Rangers pitcher Martin Perez might have been down for a few months but he’s not out.

Back in December, Perez was visiting his ranch in Venezuela when a bull charged him and severely injured him. In addition to being pretty spooked, Perez landed on his elbow and sustained a complex fracture that required surgery and months to heal. Thankfully, he didn’t break the elbow he throws with but the injury was expected to keep him out of commission for four months.

Luckily, Perez is healing way faster than expected and actually had a pretty successful debut in the spring opener this weekend. But that bull didn’t get off easy.

Asked by reporters how Perez dealt with the bull that injured him, he gave a pretty unconventional approach.

“I killed him and ate him,” Perez told a press gaggle.

“It was good meat,” he continued. “No more bull.”

That’s one way to handle the situation. Now here in America, I’m not sure how that approach would go over. PETA would be knocking on his door before the first course was done. But this happened in Venezuela on his private ranch, and it’s a different world down there. See, in some parts of the world, men are still men. They deal with their problems head on. They eat what they kill. I’ve never personally had bull meat before but I can imagine it tasted a little like justice with a pinch of victory.

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