21 Cars So Nice They Don’t Have A Price


Jack Wisniewski Contributor
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How many Chevrolet Malibus would it take to equal the price of one Ferrari? Intuitively, the best place to look for prices would be on their respective websites. Chevy unabashedly flaunts the Malibu’s $21,680 price tag, but Ferrari never alludes to money at all for any of their models. And neither does Lamborghini, or McLaren, or Bugatti.

Do a quick control-F (or command-F for Macs) and you’ll find no mention of dollar signs anywhere on plenty of high-end luxury or high-performance car company websites. Some generously glaze over a price in press releases, but digging is required because they’re usually hidden on their periphery media pages.

Other companies will produce so few of a single model that their price is never officially mentioned anywhere. Rather, prices are disseminated through media organizations with inside access to the brand or the customers that bought their cars.

Koenigsegg, for instance, only produced 80 Regeras. When it’s that exclusive, it’s essentially priceless.

The Daily Caller has no such inside access to high-end car prices. Instead, we’re sticking to what we know; here’s a comprehensive list of cars with no price listed on their respective websites for you to enjoy.