Bolton: ‘Real Danger’ Of Nuclear N. Korea Is Potential Of Kim Selling Weapons To Terrorists

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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John Bolton stated on Fox News Wednesday that the real danger of allowing North Korea to advance its nuclear program lies in the possible sale of nuclear weapons to anti-American actors.

Bolton opened by enumerating a number of reasons why the United States can’t and shouldn’t attempt to pursue a relationship with North Korea similar to the one we held with the Russians following the end of World War II.


“One, who would want to go back to that world? Two, the mutually assured destruction came very close to falling apart on any number of occasions,” he stated. “Three, the North Korean regime is a bizarre regime. For whatever reason, the Soviet calculus and ours on the use of nuclear weapons matched. That there is no guarantee that applies to the North Koreans.”

“We are talking now about a multi-polar nuclear war, not the bipolar standoff of a Cold War. It’s a very different situation we have never encountered before,” the former United Nations ambassador continued. “And last, for now, it’s not simply the threat of what North Korea would do with its own nuclear weapons.”

“It’s the threat they would sell those weapons to others, to Iran, to Al Qaeda, to other would be nuclear powers,” Bolton explained. “That is a real danger that I don’t think people have taken enough account of.”


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