Ana Navarro: GOP ‘Seems Absolutely Lost’ Under Trump

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Anti-Trump Republican Ana Navarro said on CNN Wednesday that the GOP “seems absolutely lost” and only Sen. John McCain is “giving moral compass” to the party.


“I have to say, I am so disappointed, over and over again, in the leadership of my party and elected Republicans who very quickly and very strongly criticized and attacked Barack Obama in 2012,” Navarro said.

“And along the way, every time [Obama] tried to reset with Russia, every time he capitulated to Russia, every time he reached out to Russia, I was very critical of Barack Obama for that. I was critical of him for legitimizing Raul Castro in Cuba. And yet, now what we have is a bunch of amnesiacs in the Republican Party who look the other way and are playing Donald Trump’s game when it comes to this divert and distract tactic with the leaking. Look, that’s got leakers in the Oval Office is Donald Trump’s problem.”

“That he is kowtowing and cozying up and playing footsie with a geopolitical foe of the United States is all of our problems–including the Republican leadership. It seems to me the only person with any memory and any spine left in the Republican Party is John McCain, who from his sickbed in Scottsdale, Arizona, is giving out the strongest criticism and giving moral compass to a party that seems absolutely lost.” (RELATED: ‘I’m Not Melting!’ — Ana Navarro Melts During CNN Shout-Fest [VIDEO])

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