Dana Loesch Burns Comedian For Mocking Her Intelligence

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Dana Loesch lit up comedian Christopher Titus on Wednesday after he attacked her intelligence and support for the NRA.

“No, but misogyny much? You seem like the guy who would be turned down by a Hooter’s waitress because their standards are higher than that. Be well,” the 39-year-old NRA spokeswoman tweeted to Titus after he said she was like “a Hooter waitress who got turned down by her local community college.”

The comments were in response to the 53-year-old comedian jumping into the middle of a Twitter spat between Loesch and Tom Arnold.

In response, Arnold slammed Loesch as “NRA’s Face of Death.”

“When it’s 3 days before @AMarch4OurLives & NRA’s Face of Death takes one of her final moments to tweet a Roseanne joke at you before empowered young people everywhere throw buckets of water on her & she melts into a green puddle in the dirt you know you’re doing something right,” Arnold tweeted.

Titus was called out for attacking Loesch on Twitter and he responded that he can’t stand “anyone representing an organization that is so craven that they fight all gun laws while children die.”