Presidents’ Favorite Vacation Spots Throughout History [SLIDESHOW]


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Donald Trump isn’t the only president who enjoys escaping The Swamp when he can. He’s been spotted making frequent trips to his golf course in New Jersey and his landmark resort, Mar-a-Lago, in tropical Palm Beach, Florida. He uses the latter especially for important meetings.

Why wouldn’t the president want to direct some of the world’s most important people to Florida’s white-sand and clear-water coasts? It seems likely that a visit to Palm Beach would have a more positive impact on a foreign guest than a visit to D.C., especially during winter months.

From Florida to Hawaii, from Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump, presidents have proudly marked their favorite vacation spots throughout the U.S. with frequent visits. Teddy Roosevelt is known for his overwhelming passion for national parks across the country, but other presidents seem to be partial to just a couple places above all others.

So, in lieu of spring break season, here is a list of some favorite presidential vacation spots throughout history: