The Proposed Changes To The NFL’s Catch Rule Are Now Public

(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The recommended changes to the NFL’s catch rule were made public Wednesday afternoon.

The catch rule has been one of the most talked about things in the NFL over the past few years, and it’s mostly because nobody seems to have any idea what constitutes a catch.

Words like “a football move” and “maintaining possession” are thrown around a lot, but don’t seem to have any clear definition. For example, Dez Bryant’s infamous non-touchdown catch against the Packers in the playoffs was overturned because he bobbled the ball going into the end zone. This led to plenty of arguments because nobody seemed to have a clear interpretation of whether or not the play was a catch or not.

Well, that would be a touchdown if the new rules are accepted. The new rules define as a completed catch as having control, two feet down or another body part and specifies a football move as a third step, reaching/extending for the line or the ability to do so.

I’m glad that the NFL is finally figuring this out. As Pro Football Talk points out, there is no language about going to the ground in the proposal, which had caused a ton of problem in recent years.

Let’s never forget Calvin Johnson getting railroaded during a game against Chicago.

It looks like all these problems are officially in the past, and fans couldn’t be happier.

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