‘Not As Many As The Illegals Get To’ — Tucker Takes On San Francisco DA Candidate Over Immigration

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took on San Francisco district attorney candidate Joe Alioto Veronese Wednesday, and the results were explosive.


“In San Francisco, if you are not a U.S. citizen you can get a California ID, so you don’t have to use fraudulent IDs…” Veronese said.

“Oh, yes, you do, yes you do,” The Daily Caller co-founder countered.

“You need to produce a social security number, and if you’re here illegally you can’t do that,” Carlson said.

Veronese said, “You can’t produce a social security number that is accurate or reflective…”

“That is true,” Carlson said.

“You use fraudulent one, and–okay, but that’s not a problem for you?” Carlson said. “You feel like hey, hands off. Someone’s using a stolen ID, committing identity theft, a fake federal document, and California is like, you know what, ‘it’s not our business.’ Is that what you’re saying?”


“No, identity theft is an entirely different subject. But federal immigration enforcement or federal social security law is not the priority of San Francisco,” Veronese responded.

“Apparently not,” Tucker said. “Okay well, I go there a lot. I’m gonna call you and find you what laws I can break as an American citizen, not many I bet, not as many as the illegals get to.”

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