Eric Bolling Wants To Work For President Trump, And You Won’t Believe His Asking Price

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Former Fox News commentator Eric Bolling laid out in a series of tweets Thursday steps that could help President Trump “drain the swamp, plug the leaks, build the wall with Pesos, lower taxes, build infrastructure, protect #2A and save some parents from the scourge of opioids.”

Boling also told reporters that he is just the type of “non-politician DC Swamp outsider” the president needs to help get it all done.

His first two tweets of the day laid out a three-point plan to stop the White House leaks as well as made an offer to help President Trump build the border wall “AND have Mexico pay for it.”

Then, in an exchange with Politico’s Jake Sherman, Bolling explained the “likely” reason for the leaks – “hundreds of material positions with anti-Trump GOP *seat fillers*” – and how he’d love to work “directly with POTUS, not near him” to accomplish Trump’s agenda.

Axios’ Jonathan Swan then tweeted that he wouldn’t be surprised “at all” if Trump “brought in Eric in a senior position some day.”

At which point Bolling named his price – one dollar.

Is Bolling’s offer too good for President Trump to refuse? Stay tuned!

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