REPORT: Brazilian Women Are Trying To Get Impregnated By Sperm From White American Men

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Brazilian women want to be impregnated from the sperm of white American men, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal Thursday.

Wealthy Brazilian women and lesbian couples are requesting white male sperm from the U.S. so their kids will have more Caucasian features, the Wall Street Journal reported.

At least 50 percent of Brazil’s population is black or mixed-race, but women are selecting young sperm donors who will more likely produce children with blond hair and blue eyes. The number of American sperm donors to Brazil surged at least 3,000 percent in the past seven years. It is also illegal to pay men for their sperm in Brazil, which allows American donors more opportunity in the market.

The carefully vetted process of selecting American sperm and then the in vitro fertilization process starts at around $7,000.

The rationale for wanting white children is reportedly due to racism and tense race relations throughout Brazil’s history. Brazil took in 10 times as many slaves as the U.S. and it was the last Western country to make slavery illegal in 1888. Now, 80 percent of the richest one percent of Brazil’s population is white, according to WSJ.

“It’s an atheist’s way to achieve immortality,” computer scientist João Carlos Holland de Barcellos, told the Wall Street Journal. Barcellos has blue eyes and light hair due to his German and English ancestors is now freezing his sperm and giving it to Brazilian couples who desire more Caucasian-looking children. His wife manages their practice and transfers the sperm nearly-daily to women at their home.

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