CNN’s Chris Cillizza Uses Trump’s Biden Tweet To Comment On His ‘Mental State’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Chris Cillizza took President Trump’s recent tweet in response to former Vice President Joe Biden as a cue to begin commenting on the president’s “mental state” on “CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow” Thursday.


Trump tweeted Thursday:

“Yeah, it is dumb on one level,” Cillizza said.

“That said, when the president of the United States tweets something and Kaitlan mentioned this, the fact that we have tariffs, we have the ongoing Russia investigation, we have the Vladimir Putin phone call, we have the number of civil lawsuits against president from women, the fact that this comment piqued his interest, I think is telling about how he views himself, he thinks he’s a street fighter. His mental state at the moment, which I think is quite frustrated,” he added.

“He does have all these things pressuring down on him combined with the fact he doesn’t have as many people he fully trusts to lean on anymore. So, I always think follow the tweets. That’s what we’ve learned I think during the campaign. That’s the closest reflection of who Donald Trump is and what he’s thinking about.” (RELATED: Here Are Five Fake Stories CNN Pushed)

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