Kyle Kashuv: ‘I Didn’t Know TIME Magazine Was Still A Thing’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Parkland survivor and pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv slammed TIME Magazine on Fox Business Friday after the publication didn’t include him in their upcoming cover story.


Maria Bartiromo said, “We see this TIME magazine cover — several of your classmates on the latest cover of TIME titled, ‘Enough.’ You were not in this picture on the cover of TIME magazine. Did they ask you to be in the shot?”

“Well, they didn’t ask me, but honestly, I didn’t know TIME magazine was still a thing,” Kashuv responded.

He then added, “No, I wasn’t asked, no.”

“Why do you think that is?” Bartiromo asked.

“I think maybe they were trying to represent only one point of view — the Democrat point of view — and the anti-gun movement,” he responded. “I honestly couldn’t tell you, because if they were really trying to get the full perspective, they would ask me.” (RELATED: TIME Magazine Doesn’t Include Kyle Kashuv On Its Gun Control Cover — He Responds)

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