INSTANT KARMA: Dude Picks A Fight On The Street — Regrets Immediately

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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An unidentified man picks a fight with a bystander and gets knocked out cold in a few quick punches, a video posted Thursday to LiveLeak shows.


Oh. My. Goodness.

I have seen some vicious beatdowns in my day, but this one may take the cake.

What makes this video so great is that Person A (Afro) is trying to get in one with Person B (Tank Top) who, based on body language, wants absolutely nothing to do with it.

Like most rational people, I don’t condone unnecessary fighting and feel any argument should be settled in a spirited debate. I am, however, OK with some good ole self defense when necessary. Like in this situation.

Afro Man’s first mistake was instigating this altercation in the first place. His second mistake was having such a large, bushy afro. As you can see around the sixteen minute mark, Tank Top grabs a handful of that ‘do and drags Afro Man around like a disobedient puppy on his morning walk. He then delivers a few of the most devastating blows of all time.

I will say, the last punch-head kick combo was a tad much as he was clearly out at that point, but that’s why you don’t pick fights!