Meghan McCain Shuts Down Joy Behar After She Criticizes John Bolton’s Appointment [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain shut down Joy Behar after she criticized John Bolton’s appointment as President Donald Trump’s new national security advisor.

It happened during “The View” on Friday when Behar called Bolton’s appointment “dangerous” and blasted him for his previous calls for “preemptive strikes on North Korea and Iran” for their nuclear programs.

“Just because those countries have nuclear weapons doesn’t mean that they’re going to use them,” Behar said. “Because Pakistan has them, India has them, China, Russia. I mean, what is going on with this guy?”

“Ambassador John Bolton used to be the ambassador of the United Nations,” McCain responded. “He’s more than qualified. He’s just a deeply hawkish man. He makes me look less hawkish. I will say that he understands global foreign policy possibly better than anyone else that’s served so far.”

“The Iran deal when Ambassador Bolton is whatever it is that he’s let into the White House, that’s gone,” she added. “We will have higher sanctions on Tehran. I’m sure something will happen with North Korea. I trust his negotiations.”

Sarah Haines interjected and said “the scary part” about Bolton was he follows through, unlike Trump who just “blows smoke and tweeting like crazy.”

“Someone smart with competency scares me more,” Haines explained.

Behar then said she’s “relying on the base to … turn on Trump for putting Bolton in there” over Bolton and that’s when things got heated.

“I am relying on the base to … turn on Trump for putting Bolton in there,” Behar shared. “Because Trump ran on a non-interventionist platform. These people who voted for him thought that there would not be more wars for their kids to go to, not that there would be more wars.”

“Joy, I don’t know why there’s hostility towards me,” McCain responded.

“I’m not saying it to you. I’m talking to him,” Behar snapped back.

“Listen, people like me are thrilled. What you’re saying is not inaccurate, though, because people like me are thrilled,” McCain shared. “I love Ambassador John Bolton. He’s even more hawkish than I am.”

“Do you think we should bomb North Korea first?” Sunny Hostin interjected.

“I trust him a lot more than I trust Rex Tillerson handling everything going forward with North Korea,” McCain responded.

“So, it’s bomb first, then diplomacy,” Behar exclaimed.

“Oh, come on, Joy. That is not what we’re talking about,” McCain said. “We’re talking about aggression by the United States of America in a way, especially considering the Iran deal, where we’re not going to give our enemies the kind of power and money to possible nuke us.”

McCain then said producers were telling her to wrap up and they went to commercial.