Rand Paul Grabs A Pizza, Destroys Omnibus Bill Tweet By Tweet

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The Senate passed its $1.3 trillion spending package by a vote of 65-32 Thursday night, but it took a late-night call from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to a hesitant Rand Paul to get it done.

“It’s never really been about how long we stay here,” Paul told reporters after coming to terms. “But it is to a certain extent, when you lose, trying to draw attention to your cause. We look for victories any way we can, knowing that we don’t have the votes to win.”

Although Paul ultimately agreed to let the spending bill go through unimpeded, he didn’t go quietly. Instead, as he reviewed the massive bill last night over some pizza, the Kentucky senator left a Twitter trail for posterity that included all his objections to “all 2,232 budget-busting pages.”

Check out the highlights:

And then came the pizza, because it takes a LOT of fuel to go through 2,200+ pages of uninhibited government spending.

Love him or hate him, unlike other lawmakers it would be hard to accuse Senator Paul of not reading the bills!

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