This Electric Kettle Is A #1 Bestseller And Is Nearly 50 Percent Off

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This electric kettle is a #1 bestseller. A 1.7-liter electric kettle, this 100 percent stainless steel appliance boils water in just 5 to 6 minutes, and shows it with bright LED lights. Making tea, oatmeal, pasta and even coffee has never been simpler. Plus it has an automatic shut-off mechanism for safety purposes.

Right now it is 48 percent off:

Normally $80, this electric kettle is 48 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $80, this electric kettle is 48 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Royal Electric Kettle on sale for $41.99


This kettle seems to have inspired significant passion in its users. Nearly three quarters of the 1,000+ customers gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars (no wonder it is a #1 bestseller). Several reviewers note how glad they were to throw out their cheap old APPLIANCES and place it with this one. Here’s what KLR650Tagg wrote:

 I was tired of looking at my beat up old stovetop kettle and tossed it and bought this. Their were cheaper ones on Amazon, but i learned long ago, you get what you pay for, and i was turning on a 220v stove to heat water, and this certainly is more efficient. 1.7 litres is plenty for coffee or tea. The lid opens up enough for me to get my hand inside the pot (for cleaning) when necessary.The lid is spring loaded and pops up to vertical. 2 latch points under the lid seal it confidently against a firm rubber seal. Fills easy, pours easy, with never a drool running down the front (i hate that!) Bottled drinking water is what i use to fill it so i probably wont have scaling issues with it. The unit arrived clean and passed the “stick your nose in it and check for gross smells test” It lifts off of the power transfer base, as the heating element and i assume thermal shut off are part of the kettle itsself, and has not failed or given me any grief whatsoever.
All in all, i have no problem recommending this Royal electric kettle to my friends and family.
I included a video of it boiling and shutting off.

As always, i spend my own hard earned money on the products i use, and review.

And a user called “Shops for quality!” writes “GOOD BY YOU PAIN-IN-THE-REAR KEURIG!!”:

I love having at least 1 cup of coffee in the morning, but hated having to use a coffee maker with all the clean-up of washing all the parts and pieces just for 1 cup! Then Keurig came along. Pretty cool product, novel idea.. but my 1 cup a day through the Keurig has been frustrating regardless of how many times I “Clean It”. Filling it with 3/4 cup of water, then only getting 1/2 cup back out of it…where does it go?? Then it plugs up.. tear it apart, clean it out! MAN. THEN there’s that HUGE GUILT cloud over my head having all those used K-Cups that if you are trying to be earth friendly, are a mess to recycle having to tear them apart!! You all know what I’m talking about!!

But then I discovered this little beauty that I paired with the filter-less LeafLoveLife-Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Maker… and BYE BYE Keurig… occupying that precious real estate on my counter-top!! You’ve been replaced by my new multi-purpose Electric hot water pot that not only helps me make my 1 cup of coffee every morning… but it also is part of making my instant oatmeal… my instant soups at lunch, a big cup of tea in the afternoon.. and on and on!!

This baby is a bit pricey, but it’s SUPER easy.. I keep it topped off with filtered water from my fridge, just flip up the switch and watch it go! Super fast…it’s only seconds and you already see little bubbles telling you that its working. It IS Noisy as a DC-10 as it gets closer to the boil… but the noise is countered by how COOL it looks when the water coming to a boil!!

Were you one of the many people who threw away their Keurigs in the fall after the Hannity boycott? Looks like this is what you should replace it with.

Royal electric kettle (Photo via Amazon)

Royal electric kettle (Photo via Amazon)

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