University Cop Getting Backpay After Being Fired For Roadside Killing

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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A University of Cincinnati cop who was fired is getting back pay and will be reimbursed by the academic institution for legal fees the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Raymond Tensing, who is white, was fired after he shot and killed a black motorist at a roadside stop in 2015. The university said Thursday it will compensate the police officer with $244,000 in back pay and provide another $100,000 for the legal fees incurred after his union brought a grievance against the university.

The school fired Tensing when he was charged with murder over the shooting incident. Tensing stopped driver Sam DuBose over an apparent license infraction and later said he felt his life was endangered when DuBose fled the scene in his car.

Tensing was not convicted after two hung juries failed to reach a veridict.

“This case has caused a lot of strife in the community, and I believe the settlement will allow for healing to continue,” Tensing told the Enquirer. “It certainly will do that for me after two difficult trials.”

The family of DuBose is in no mood for healing.

“I’m very upset with UC [Univesity of Cincinnati] paying … Tensing,” DaShonda Reid, with whom Tensing fathered four children, told the Enquirer. “He’s officially a paid assassin who has not shown one ounce of remorse for killing an innocent man.”

The DuBose family received a $5.3 million payment from the university that will also allow his 13 children to to attend the university free of charge.

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