Bill Maher Blasts Fox News’ Influence On Trump

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Liberal comedian Bill Maher used his Friday night “Overtime with Bill Maher” show to blast what he perceived as Fox News’ “scary” influence on President Donald Trump.

“It’s scary how much Trump takes his cues from Fox News,” said the HBO host. “I mean, they feed each other.”

During the panel discussion, Maher remarked that the situation is the opposite of Russian state television, which only broadcasts the views of Vladimir Putin.

“Putin has state TV, but Putin’s not an idiot,” said Maher. “So state TV does what Putin wants. I think it’s the other way in this country.”

“America’s being run by Steve Doocy,” quipped Maher, in a reference to the host of “Fox & Friends,” one of President Trump’s favorite programs.

Panelist Chris Hayes, an MSNBC host, weighed in with another slam on his rival network.

“Someone joked this morning that depending on how ‘Fox & Friends’ covered the big omnibus spending bill depended on whether Trump signed it or not,” said Hayes.

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