Republican Donor With Big Pockets Backs Gun Control

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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A Republican donor with ties to the George W. Bush White House is backing limited gun control.

Al Hoffman, Jr., who served as Bush’s ambassador to Portugal, is participating in Saturday’s March For Our Lives protest under the banner of his Americans for Gun Safety Now organization. Hoffman told Time that the group is a way for Republicans to achieve some degree of control, apparently without losing Second Amendment rights.

He predicted if the GOP didn’t compromise it could face electoral catastrophe in the 2018 midterm elections.

“The federal government better pass legislation that is readily available right now… and get it done now, before November,” Hoffman told Time. “If they don’t do this, my guess is that they will lose big in November.”

Hoffman has a familiar laundry list of gun control demands: expanded background checks, a minimum purchase age of 21 and restriction on large-size magazines.

Hoffman created a media stir in February when the deep-pocketed Florida businessman said he won’t be contributing to campaigns that refuse to endorse an assault weapons ban.

“What [this group] intends to do is show those who are not on the right side of the movement, that maybe you’re fearful of the money from the NRA…But there’s a movement elsewhere that can help…those who stay on the wrong side of this movement they’re [going to] lose their traditional donor money,” he told Time.

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