Stormy Daniels And Cohen Lawyers Go Head To Head

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Lawyers for porn star Stormy Daniels and Trump attorney Michael Cohen waged war for their respective clients during an intense CNN panel on Monday evening.


Daniels appeared on “60 Minutes” for a long interview on Sunday night where she answered numerous questions about her alleged affair with Donald Trump but stopped short of providing any evidence that could prove her claims. (RELATED: White House Shuts Down Stormy Daniels)

“I was completely underwhelmed,” David Schwartz, the attorney for Cohen, said. “What new did we learn? I mean, you’re an iconic news person — that was not anything, you know, dramatic by any stretch of the imagination.”

Schwartz also called out Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, for accusing Cohen of threatening her into signing a non-disclosure agreement about the alleged affair. (RELATED: Stormy Sues Michael Cohen For Defamation)

“That itself is defamatory,” he exclaimed, insisting that the person who threatened Daniels in a parking garage is a “figment of her imagination.”

“This time you’re going to let me talk,” Avenatti replied, citing the last time the two shared a panel. “Otherwise we’re gonna have to get the defibrillator out for you and I’m concerned. I almost brought it today.”

“The American people saw last night something that they haven’t seen from Michael Cohen,” Avenatti insisted. “They actually saw my client answer questions by a world-renowned journalist who asked tough questions.”

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