Tucker Cuts Off Anti-Gun Legislator After Fiery Interview

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was forced to cut off an interview with a Democratic state legislator after she refused to answer his questions.


Erica Thomas, a Georgia state representative, repeatedly insisted on Carlson’s show Monday that she did not want to take firearms away from Americans, even though she sponsored legislation that said the government would “seize” assault rifles.

The conversation eventually drifted into gun statistics, and The Daily Caller co-founder wondered why Thomas wasn’t calling for a ban on handguns since they are responsible for the majority of gun deaths in America.

“Don’t demagogue it with me. I am not downplaying the significance of anyone’s death,” Carlson asserted. “Since assault rifles, relatively speaking, cause few deaths,  handguns cause the overwhelming majority of deaths, why are you not calling for banning handguns and seizing and taking possession of handguns…if you care so much about gun violence?”

Instead of answering the question, Thomas decided to turn it around on Carlson, insisting, “I would ask you the same question.”

“Would you call for a ban on handguns? No you wouldn’t!” she exclaimed. “So why can we not put a ban on assault rifles? That is the question. Why not?”

After several more seconds of the pair talking over one another, Carlson finally cut Thomas’ mic and video feed, stating, “I give up, I’m trying to ask you adult questions and you don’t want to answer them.”

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