This Florida Woman Married A 100-Year-Old Tree So The City Wouldn’t Chop It Down

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A 60-year-old woman from Fort Myers, FL, married a 100-year-old tree to “save” it from being chopped down by the city, ABC News reports.

The bride, Karen Cooper, wed the century-old tree in Snell Family Park on Saturday, March 24, and the ceremony became a large community event.

The city of Fort Myers allegedly approved a request from a developer to have the tree removed so construction could start in a neighboring lot, which the tree’s 8,000 square-foot canopy extends into.

Cooper told reporters that the removal of trees in Florida “something very serious,” because the state has “lost so many trees in Hurricane Irma and for them to cut one down on purpose is terrible.”

“And this tree is fabulous,” she added.

Cooper said the ceremony was supposed to inspire locals to come to town hall and support efforts to save the tree from being cut down.

Over 80 locals attended the wedding, bringing food and flowers to celebrate the event like a real wedding. While there was no priest present at the ceremony, there was a makeshift aisle, a canine ring bearer, and maid of honor.

“We all stood there, made a vow to protect the tree, then cake and mimosas,” she said. “It was tree-mondous.”