Jimmy Carter: ‘I Pray’ That President Trump Will Be Successful In North Korea Talks

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former President Jimmy Carter told CBS Tuesday that he prays for President Trump to be successful in his North Korea talks.


Carter was asked about Trump agreeing to meet with Kim Jung Un.

“I’m glad to hear that and hope he’ll be successful,” he said. “I pray that he will. I’ve offered to President Trump directly on two occasions since he’s been in office that I would be glad to help in any way, even to go to North Korea if needed. I don’t want to go if I don’t have to. As you said, I’m 93 years old. But I would be glad to do whatever he wanted me to do.” (RELATED: Jimmy Carter Praises Trump’s North Korea Turn)

The former president also stated that that if “President Trump wanted me to help in any way, I would be glad to do that.” (RELATED: Trump Agrees To Meet North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Before May)

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