Sanders Asked Why Trump Is Not ‘Punching Back’ Against Recent Scandals — She Lands A KO

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Trump is facing multiple personal scandals in the White House this week.

There is an ongoing legal battle between Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels and turmoil with his legal team as the lead attorney recently stepped down. At the White House briefing Tuesday afternoon, Sarah Sanders was asked about Trump’s silence on social media given the various events occurring around his private life and administration.

“Have you sat down with the president and what has he told you that he wants us to know about this topic?” Sanders was asked by a reporter in regards to the Stormy Daniels scandal.

“As I just said and we addressed a number of times, the president denied the allegations. I don’t have anything else further to add,” Sanders said.

The reporter pressed again, saying, “You called [Trump] a counter puncher many times. Why has he not punched back on this one?”

Sanders then landed a knock-out, saying that Trump “has a country to run,” and citing administration accomplishments.

I didn’t say he punches back on every single topic. If he did, he would address a lot of the stories that every one of you has every minute of the day. He has a country to run and doing a great job with that. That’s why the economy is booming, ISIS on the run, making the judiciary, pushing his agenda through. Sometimes he chooses to punch back and sometimes he doesn’t.

There was no follow up.

Benny Johnson