Cleveland Indians Pitcher To Begin 69 Days Of Giving Campaign

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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The Cleveland Indians and one of their new pitchers Trevor Bauer had some difficulty agreeing on a good number for his 2018 contract. Originally, Bauer wanted $6.9 million. But worried a highball like that might cost him the contract, he came in at $6,420,969.69.

“I just think it’s a good number,” Bauer explained to Yahoo! Sports. “I think it accurately reflects my place in the salary structure relative to other athletes.”

For whatever reason, the Indians countered, claiming they didn’t want to sign a contract with any weed or sex references. So they offered Bauer $6,525,000 and settled.

But Trevor Bauer wasn’t happy with the number so he vowed to make up the difference. He started up his 69 Days Of Giving Campaign, where, beginning Thursday, Bauer will donate $420.69 for 69 days to a charity of his choice.

As a true American hero, the first charity Bauer plans to donate to is the Lone Survivor Foundation, which helps to rehabilitate wounded soldiers and help them reintegrate into society.

On the 69th day, the final charity will receive $69,420.69 in total.

“I’m just trying to give to charity, man,” Bauer said. “I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I have the ability to do that. I have the means to do that. I’m in a good spot. And I can use my platform to spread stuff that I’m passionate about.”

Trevor Bauer is also an avid Trump supporter and regularly trolls people on Twitter for their anti-Trump rants. It really doesn’t get any better than Trevor Bauer. He’s a true national treasure.

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