Cooks Are Using Gas Masks To Make Super Pungent Horseradish For Passover Seders

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Cooks in New York City are using gas masks to make super pungent horseradish for the upcoming Passover seders, according to a report by the New York Post Wednesday.

Workers preparing horseradish for the upcoming Jewish holiday are donning gas masks at The Pickle Guys shop on the Lower East Side, the New York Post reported.

Horseradish is an important dish for the Jewish holiday and represents bitter herbs in order to remember the bitterness Jews felt while slaves in Egypt. The idea of using gas masks was first brought forward by a worker and veteran who served in Desert Storm. The workers saw the masks as an innovative way to protect their sinuses from the strongly scented root. Prior to this discovery, workers complained that they were constantly tearing up due to the smell.

“People come in to take pictures. When they see the masks, they know it’s going to be a good batch this year,” the owner of the store Al Kaufman told The New York Post.  “The only time it was scary was after 9/11. People thought there was a terrorist attack.”

The gas masks are definitely necessary considering the shop will sell at least 3,600 pounds of the pungent Passover dish this season. The shop sells the Jewish dish for $10 a pint.

The shop sells other unique dishes such as pickled Turnips and Pineapples, according to their website.

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