Dying Boy ‘Avengers’ Stars Reached Out To Has Passed Away

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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An eleven-year-old boy, who stars of Marvel’s “Avengers” reached out to in his last days as part of his dying request, has passed away.

“Twitterverse, young Emilio has lost his fight. Thank you to the thousands who pitched in so that he could hear from some of his heroes in his last days. You lit up his hospital room and blessed his family. Emilio’s simple request launched an avalanche of goodness and miracles,” Fox News host Shannon Bream tweeted Wednesday.

“We’ve lost Emilio, but a special thank you to @jaketapper #PaulRudd @Paul_Bettany @DonCheadle @wongrel @ChrisEvans @ChloeBennet4 @clarkgregg @ZacharyLevi @MarkRuffalo @donallogue @MeghanMcCain and many others who helped get messages to him before he lost his fight,” she added.

Days earlier, “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, “Captain America” star Chris Evans, “Ant Man’s” Paul Rudd and other super hero characters responded to the call after Bream asked for help getting video messages from Emilio’s heroes in his last days as he was suffering from a terminal illness and had “just days to live.”