Katy Tur Asks A Question About Trump’s Wall — Gets Stopped In Her Tracks By Obama And Hillary’s Past

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Katy Tur asked American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp about President Trump building the wall Wednesday.

Schlapp brought up Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s past votes.


Tur asked, “If the wall does not go up, will he pay for it politically or a problem for him come the 2020 election?”

“I think it is a problem but also a problem for the Democrats if they block any attempt to build that wall,” Schlapp said. “And I think that is the problem here.”

“President Obama and Hillary Clinton, the other Democrats at the national level all voted to secure our southern border and voted for fencing. You know this. You’ve covered this. It is all a silly word game.”

“In the end we have a poor southern border and any politician who is smart will realize the benefit making sure we have security at the southern border when it comes to drugs and people entering our country illegally. That is something we should all agree on, any politician that stands up against that there will be consequences for that,” he said. (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Explodes On Matt Schlapp: ‘If I Want To Call You A Liar’)

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